ways to speed up break in process of a freshly lubed yoyo

any tricks i could do i don;t have access to dremel or drill atm

Clean it, lube it lighter that you last did.

Throwing the yoyo will probably work the best. :smiley:

Don’t use liquid lube. Terrapin treat it. No break in period. But, if you must use liquid lube, gyro flops help break in. But just keep throwing.

Yes, gyro flops quicken it up.

It depends how much lube were talking about here. Did you lube it? Did it come this way? If it has been “over” lubed then take it out (the bearing) and wipe it off with a paper towel and let it sit on said paper towel for a while… Then put it back in the yoyo and throw the living heck out of it… May take a good 15 mins of play but it will be fine…

Cleaning bearings is OVERATED… :wink: :wink:


well i got a code 2 and its 10 ball had a good few minutes of play it started making a noise so i cleaned it and it played great then it made the noise again so i put a drop of v4m lube and now it chases the axel.

Chases the axle? Could you inform me about what that means?

srry meant to say the string chases the axel like when a semi reponsive yoyo does when you tug it to waist height

Yeah, just yoyo, gyroflops work best to break it in… Should be broken in after a while.

Wait so if my terrapin x bearing has gone responceve is that a bad thing or do they have break in periods

If your terrapin x bearing is responsive, then you’re doing something wrong. Clean it in acetone. It should be fine.


(I think I text to much)

If you have a TX bearing withh a problem I will repair or replace it…john

Been doing a lot of breaking in lately… General-Yo AIGR comes lightly lubed. One Drop 10-ball comes lightly lubed… cleaned and lightly lubed another bearing myself, which needed breaking in.

Man I hate breaking stuff in. It’s dull work.

I’ve seen people mention Gyro Flops before. I don’t think I understand why Gyro Flops help. When I do flops, all that happens is the spin dies pretty quickly and I have to bind back or have the yoyo die. Isn’t it better to just huck the yoyos and let them spin?

I think I’m going to clean it and see how it is after that, if it’s still problematic after that I’ll talk to you

(Warning: This may or may not be true, It makes sense to me, but I’m not an expert)
Gyro flops make the bearing rotate in the opposite direction they’re used to, so the inner race doesn’t want to move, because it’s spinning in one direction. Gyro flops forces it to change direction, but it doesn’t want to, so the inner race resists, rubbing the balls harder against the cage than normal, and getting any lube that might not normally be touched by the balls.

That might be complete bs. But it’s my best guess.

Quick question, if I clean it with mineral spirits do I need to lube it

You’d be better off cleaning it in acetone. That’s what fjh123 suggests.and no, you shouldn’t need to lube it. That’s the point of the terrapin treatment, you’ll never need to lube that bearing again if you do it right.

The TX S/C ceramics never require furher lube after being cleaned in acetone, steel ones do.


That’s not a given. Mineral spirits, lighter fluid, and acetone all work.