ways to speed up break in process of a freshly lubed yoyo

Breaking in a bearing suggest’s you have a full lubed bearing. I wouldn’t call it breaking it in when you have a bearing with little or no lube. The whole point is everything polish’s out and gets crazy good by the end.

The method i use is:

  1. Swirl in mineral spirits for thirty seconds.
  2. Place on paper towel and blow with compressed air to remove excess solvent.
  3. Place bearing on the end of a sharpened number 2 pencil. 4) Blow compressed air directly on one side of the bearing. This will spin it to a very high rpm, much higher than throwing. Blow for three to five seconds to dry out bearing.
  4. Repeat step 4 but in the opposite spin direction.
  5. Remove bearing and very very lightly lube bearing with a single drop of OneDrop V4M lube.
  6. Put bearing back on pencil and repeat steps 4 and 5.



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Pretty much what I do as well.
Works fine for me.

With a few exceptions, I do pretty much what Jason does, too. If you watch carefully during the “compressed air after lube” step, you can see some oil go flying. However, for bearings that come pre-lubed or when I don’t have any compressed air handy, I still do the “breaking in” thing.

And it’s some special kind of tedious!