Bearing lube problems

SO I just got my first one drop 10 ball bearing right? So I put it on my punchline, and it works amazing. Smooth and quiet. Then it suddenly turns loud. really loud. So I put a little thin lube it it and… it becomes responsive… Anyone know what is going on?

Lube makes bearings responsive. Depending on how much you used it will take a while to break in.
After it breaks in it will be like it was. If you don’t want to wait you will have to clean and re lube it.

When a bearing goes loud it probably means that it is breaking in, the more lube in the bearing the more it will need to brake in. Don’t worry once the bearing brakes in it will be unresponsive once again.

It’s breaking in. If you lube it, it’ll take longer ^^.

But always remember to do Gyro Flops because it can speed up the break in process quite a bit.

Does lubing make it sleep less? That’s what I’ve heard

If you don’t break it in, it wont sleep as freely and might be a tad slow. But if you break it in to the perfect moment, you can make it sleep as long as a dry bearing while being safe from wearing out to soon. Lube may also smoothen up your yoyo a bit.

Make sure you correctly lube it. If you just drop a lube directly from the nozzle of the lube bottle, that’s too much. Put a drop on the needle, then apply the needle nose sized drop of lube to one of the balls. Spin it around and you’re done.

Yeah I think I put a little too much lube. Do I have to clean it or something?

You don’t have to clean it but it might be a good idea, as then you can control how much lube is in the bearing.

Yeah, you could clean it to get everything including lube outa there and then re-lube it correctly.

In under 10 Gyro Flops, it should broken in. That’s for me though.

Id it ok to clean the bearring before it breaks in


Cleaning is basically a sped up break-in that removes all lube.

Yeah, cleaning the bearing makes your bearing dry, which means ^^ no lube.

It’s fine to run a dry bearing, people like it, but I like correctly lubed bearings. Both spin the same time when broken in.