How can i break in my bearings quickly?


I have a couple of bearings that have been cleaned and lubed with gorillius lubricus, which from my experience takes a LONG time to break in, and i need to break them in quickly. Does anyone know any techniques to quickly break in a bearing?


Throw a yoyo! ;D

Or you could clean it and put a minuscule amount of lube on the bearing. Take a needle and put some lube on the tip of it. Touch one or two balls in the bearing.

Then throw the yoyo and break it in!


What happins if the bearing breaks in?


All bearings are different some may spin longer some may get smoother some may get completely unresponsive


get a dill and find a dill bit put the drill bit in reverse and put the bearing on the bit and spin that till it playable


Don’t do this. It can destroy a bearing.


i forgot to mention this in person, but spin it with canned air! itll take SOME of the lube out, but since i have experience playing with your phenom and dna first hand, i think you have enough lube in there! :wink: i belive the lube left in the bearing should suffice. i did this to all my bearings when i still had my canned air -____-


I heard doing Gyro flops a lot can help break it in a bit. never tried it.


I find power drills to be too slow. I use a spindle that can hit 40,000rpm and stack a bunch of bearings on it for the TX treatment process.


Maybe that’s why my bearings always break in so quickly. I just do a lot of gyro flops because they’re fun to do.