how do you break in a bearing faster

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well i got this new code 2 but my bearing is not breaking. what should i do?


Quickest way would be to pop the bearing out and soak it in some acetone or mineral turpentine, dry, then pop it back in. Do note though, that this means you will be running the bearing dry which tends to shorten the lifespan a bit.



Throw a lot of sleepers. It will loosen up in no time.


It IS breaking in. Keep playing it. Different bearings break in at different rates, even within the same brand/run. Just keep at it.

I was playing my Puffin for the first time last night and that bearing just started to break in. I was very tired so I was unable to keep going. I’ll try playing it more tonight. I suspect I will have to do the same thing with the Gnarwal that arrive at the same time.

It’s just normal.


I don’t even know exactly what this means. I buy a lot of yoyos, no bearings need “break in” that I’m familiar with. I have to actually lube them myself before that happens.

I guess if one drop is randomly lubing the bejeesus out of some of their bearings and I haven’t gotten any like that, then maybe it’s just me. Otherwise, both my Code 2’s were super fast right out of the box.


I have a similar problem. My DM2’s bearing was recently cleaned. Then, having been warnd about running it dry, I decided to lube it. The only lube I have is brain lube which to me seems a bit thick to start out with. I guess I applied it to generously and now it is dead responsive. Should I do the same and just throw it a ton, or is this a different problem.


If you’ve used brain lube, you’re going to have to throw it for an absolutely obscene amount of time before it breaks in. You should probably clean the bearing and grab yourself some YYF or YYJ thin lube or some One Drop V4M lube. If you’re unable to get your hands on them, I hear that sewing machine oil also works (though I can’t verify this) and is pretty easy to find at the supermarket.



Gyroscopic flops.


I would do that, but I can’t get it to spin long enough.


take the bearing out, put it on a DRILL.


NONONONO don’t do that. You can totally mess up your bearings.