Screeching OD bearing

Should I lubed it or let it dry (dunno if it will as quiet as before again or not)

Clean it, then lightly lube it to be safe.

I’ve had this issue with one drop bearings before. I actually put some thick lube in the bearing and then played it until it wore in unresponsive. Thin lube in my experience only helped for a few minutes of play until it occurred again.

Just play through it; OD bearings need to be broken in like this.

Gyro flops help.

I’ve read this many times. I don’t get why gyro flops would break in a bearing faster than throwing a sleeper and letting it spin.

Not intended to be argumentative but I just don’t see the difference.

I don’t understand the physics, but it makes a louder noise when you isolate it in a gyro flop, and from my experience and others seems to help break in the bearing quicker.

What about mach 5

The rotation in Gyro Flop puts more stress on the bearing which helps it break in faster. That might not be the most detailed description, but that’s how i’ve always understood it and the trick does work.

When thick lube breaks in, the throw goes unresponsive?
I wish I had known that or I would not have even gotten thin lube.

Yeah, but thin lube is important as it keeps the bearing smooth and conditions it.

I’ve always liked thick lube in my bearings. It plays extremely smooth for along time and semi-responsive and thats how I like my yoyos.

From my experience, sometimes you do not have to worry about it but usually blowing on it or using those can of compressed air. I have lso tried washing the bearing in rubbing alcohol or other low viscosity liquids of similar sort. By the way the gyro flop makes a lot of noise because the bearing is moving in 3 dimensions and the balls in the bearing are locked, sort of like two hooks locked together, which increases the friction. If you know the physics behind the gyroscope, you migght understand what I am talking about.

this is what I saw Andre do to try and break in my bearing for me at the BAC. I had no idea why he did it that way. But now I do. Awesome.

When I get a chance I’ll describe exactly what is happening to/in the bearing during a gyroscopic flop. Then you’ll all understand!


Ive done about 20times gyroflop but it still doent loose response of the bearing?