I cleaned my bearings but...

So I followed the guide here for cleaning bearings. I put a minuscule amount of lube in each of my bearings after cleaning. My 10 ball bearing is still pretty responsive. Did I do something wrong?

Are you sure that the bearing is responsive? It may be the yoyo that is causing the problem. What yoyo are you using it in?

It’s most likely breaking in. It’ll break in with play but Gyro Flopping can make it faster.

And if it still doesn’t work after a long time, some debris might’ve gotten into your bearing seat. Make sure that’s clean.

Or if your response systems are wearing down, the silicone bits could get into your bearing.

That’s really it (I think).

I doubt it is my yoyo. I used the bearing before I cleaned it and it was perfectly fine. But now when I am using it, it is just being resposive. I’m using a yuuksta and a northstar ATM

Edit: Well it is being a little loud, so it might be breaking in. Would it make a noise if I got debris in it?

It kinda varies. A piece of tape got into my bearing and it went dead silent. But I some bits of dirt got into mine and it went only a bit loud. You know, if you just cleaned the bearing, let it break in lubed or not.

Yeah but I have been using for an hour and it is still responsive. I used a pin drop of lube too… (like the guide said)

GYro Flops? And 10 balls take a long time to break in. Don’t worry. If it still happens even after a week of Gyro Flopping, clean the bearing again and don’t lube it.