Once again my bearing give me greif >:(

As far as cleaning bearings go, I’ve never been able to get what I want for results… I’ve tried using mineral spirits to clean them, and I’ve tried using soapy water and a tooth brush to scrub it clean… But it seem no matter what I do I can’t get my bearings unresponsive enough. I can usually get it back to my hand without binding with a few tugs of about 4-6 inches, which is especially problematic when I’m doing whip tricks… Any suggestions on how to make it DEAD unresponsive?

yoyojam bearing lube would probably help lots. maybe your reponse pads were laid in wrong. whic his uncommon but could happen.

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Response pads are fine and I have lube, but thanx for mentioning the pads, I didn’t think about that

well what yoyo are you using?

This time it’s a protostar with a center track bearing

Actually, play with it a bit. Do more Gyro Flops to help it break in. And correctly put in a bit of lube if you feel it’s cranky. Play with it for a long time. But if it still doesn’t work it’s hard to solve. The same case happened to my PGM.

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agreed. putr the yoyo through its paces for a good 2 hours if thats dosent help well then your in quite a pickle.

I’ll try that, but idk how well that will work, I’ve played it nonstop for 2 days and it hasn’t given me any trouble…

well if this yoyo is new then you need to get it past that awkward break in period. every yoyo has one. some last 10 minutes some last 7 days.

Gyro Flops also help the break in process faster.

You know, you’re not the only one, as he ^ said, they have an awkward period.

Use lighter fluid to clean them… Anything with water will just rust the bearing.

Just saying.

How much time do you let them dry out?
Try at least 12 hours, I found out that it’s much better that way. Also, the best cleaning fluid I found is Zippo lighter filling

It is NOT the yoyo that has break in periods.it is the bearing. we dont want misinfo spread…

i let my bearings dry 5 mins. you dont need to let it dry… spin as dry as possible on a pencil, set it on a paper towel for 5 minutes, and start throwing.

This is what I do when I clean my bearings:

After soaking in mineral spirits for 15 minutes a side(I remove it from the mineral spirits, spin it a few times, put it back in flipped over), I put it on a paper towel for around 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, I’ll spin the bearing again for a couple of minutes, then use compressed air to blow it out further. Spin for a little bit more, more compressed air, spin again. Then I put the shields back on(I hate doing that!), drop of thin lube, spin for a couple of minutes, put the yoyo back together.

The good news is, I’m not in a pickle… After another good scrubbing and drying, it began working fine again, and thank you all for your suggestions