gyro flop + bearing

has anyone ever hurt a bearing from pulling too hard on a gyro flop? i think i made my 10 drop very noisy? I think this is in the right section.

I don’t see that happening. Metal usually doesn’t bend by people pulling on it with a string. My own 1 drop 10 ball (I think that’s what you were referencing with ‘10 drop’) got noisy on its own if I didn’t lube it. You might try that and see if it quiets up.

I remember reading somewhere, I think it was the yoyowiki, that some people do gyro flops repeatedly to break in a bearing. My guess is that they think the repeated flop motion gets rid of the lube or something along those lines. So, I think you probably just broke it if fully. IDK, just my best guess.

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Gyro flops and other tricks that put quite a few wraps of string into the gap are more for breaking in the response system than the bearing.

its only 1 wrap, your modshipness, if you pull, you hear the bearing pitch go higher, it puts stress on the bearing.