Does this happen to you?


I was using my phenomizm with a kk bearing then all of a sudden, it gets super loud and responsive.
has this happened to anyone and if yes, how do you fix it?


Check your string it may be getting old and worn just change it


That wouldn’t solve the bearing loudness would it? I had my One Drop Dang turn into a jet engine the other day, the bearing is crazy loud, still unresponsive though. I probably just need to put some lube in it, but haven’t played it since then and have not taken the time to ask so I guess I’m asking. What does an all of a sudden super loud bearing mean?


I just fixed it :slight_smile:
For some reason, Gyroscopic Flop fixes it I think. It’s dead unresponsive, and it’s as loud as it used to be.
If this ever happens to you, use Gyroscopic Flop! It should do something :wink:


Ya sometimes my throws will randomly do that. Nothing some v4m can’t handle!


Wow, that’s weird, haha. I wonder if Gyroscopic Flops can fix other stuff, too


Yeah I have some V4M I might need to throw at it.


you tried it? and it worked? You know there’s a thank you button around here somewhere… :wink:

I would try this if I don’t have any of that or on my person at the time :wink:


The loudness and responsivenes is part of the breaking in prosses. For some reason giro flops accelerate bearing break in time I think is because the yoyo is moving in 2 planes at once.


Probably just a bit of dust in the bearing, just not enough for responsiveness. Just clean it out and it will be back to normal.


Though a different yoyo, I have had my No.9 go from dead silent unresponsiveness to a sudden loud buzzing and tug responsive. After taking the bearing out and giving it a little puff, it was fine again. However it began doing it again so I gave the bearing a good soak and cleaned the gunk in the bearing seat that was possibly jamming things up. Since, my No.9 has been behaving.


Well, I had that problem but it was because the yoyo was coming loose. I didn’t tighten it up quite enough after having to take it apart to remove a knot. But, we should all check our yoyos before we start playing and after having to take it apart.

Just another possibility. Glad to hear whatever the original issue was, it was a nice simple fix. I thinkI should go learn Gyro Flops soon! Might be a while though, I’m trying t get the Matrix down. Getting there!