DV888 Bearing Slowing Down


So, I got my DV888 two days ago and i lubed it withYYJ thin oil yesterday. But now it spins for a very short time! what should i do? Thanks ???


My guess is that you probably put too much lube on it. Two things you can do. 1. Just keep playing the DV888 and the lube will break down eventually. Or 2. Take the bearing out, swish it around in some mineral turpentine to clean the lube out, and then either play it dry (which will give you more spin but also more noise and a shorter bearing life) or re-lube it with just one teeny tiny pin-drop of lube.

Hope that helps.



Thanks! about how long it brakes in?thx


Depends on just how much lube you put in. More lube = longer break in. I’d probably just give the bearing a good clean.



does breaking in the bearing gets the same results as cleaning the bearing? thanms


pls can anyone help? thanks


Assuming it’s just the lube slowing it down, yes. The cleaning will be a lot quicker though.



Just a note:

Most lubrication in yoyos will slow down the bearing. It’s done for two purposes: Maintain the bearing/protect it from wear, and alter/effect performance. Using a fluid-type lube of any sort WILL slow down the bearing to some extent.

Terrapin X Dry Play Lube, I don’t know what this dry stuff does, but it actually seems to give me longer spin times. This is my preferred method of treating my bearings.

Breaking in the lube is just causing the lube to break down and “move out of the way what needs to move out of the way” and “coat what it can coat”. Depending on how much lube and how much you play, this can take anywhere from minutes, to hours, to days, weeks or months. Months would be not playing that yoyo very much, which might be because it was over-lubed.

For the time being, clean the bearing out. Then, dip a needle or pin into your thin lube and touch that to 1-4 balls on the bearing, you may have to re-dip in the lube. Serious, that’'s all you may need for a month or more.

Newer players need to understand that the reality is that the lubing oils aren’t going to speed up the bearing. Too many of us, myself included, made this mistake and learned the hard way. I also then learned to properly clean bearings.


i lube my yoyos to make em last longer and to make it silent. it DOES slow down the bearing guys. it is a good thing for the bearing, but you only need one drop, using the pin method.


For some reason my dv888 is really noisy now? have that swishy and metalish sound


Well, if you cleaned it as recommended, that’s normal. A clean, un-lubed bearing will be noisy.


That’s pretty much normal. Some bearings make a bit of noise, some are very quiet. Some shapes help contribute to the amplification of the bearing noise.