oops i lost my focus

i was lubing a yoyo when i got distracted and dumped a ton of lube into my bearing. Is there a way top get the lube out of the bearing so it plays unresponsive like it is supposed to other than doing a full on Mineral spirits bearing cleaning?

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We you have 2 choices-
1-clean the bearing
2-just keep doing gyroscopic flop until its unresponsive.

how many times does the gyroscopic flop usually take?

A good amount of time


i think that i have to clean the bearing :-\ the yoyo is a YYF Velocity and it does not want to do gyroscopic flop >:(

Just use mineral spirits, since that appears to be what you have on hand. The choice between playing the yoyo for several hours or 15 minutes of cleaning to get it unresponsive… I think the choice is obvious.

Next time, use the pin drop method for lubing and pay attention so you don’t drown the bearing in the future.

i just lubed three more yoyos i know how to do it i just accidentally drowned it

just wondering can a velocity even do gyroscopic flop?

any yoyo can do flop

you should make me a video of a duncan butterfly doing a flop :stuck_out_tongue:
i can’t get my messed up velocity to do a flop

what is the pin drop method?

Dip a needle in your lube and then put it on your bearing. It’s the perfect amount.

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alright one last question. is the order i should go in clean bearing then lube it and put it in the yoyo without throwing the yoyo at all first or should i use my yoyo without lube for a while firsts before i put it in?

i cleaned my bearing, lubed t with the pin thing, and started playing with y velocity and its still responsive >:( i have the dials set all the way to pro. do you guys know what the problem is?

Keep playing with it and see if its still responsive

In just use water dishsoap and a hair dryer to clean my bearings. It’s easy and seems and seems to work well.

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YES, I’m with you :slight_smile:

water and dish soap work well? i would not have guessed that. its ok that my velocity doesn’t work for now because i have a grind machine to use