Ways to reduce vibe.

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I was wondering how do reduce vibe on a yoyo. I know some ways but I want some more so that I know what to do. This might help some others aswell. :slight_smile:


Different bearings, position of inner race of the bearing in relation to the seat, snugness of axle, rotation of halves, flipping the bearing over, flipping the axle, axle depth.

You can get almost everything dead smooth with enough experimentation.

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Teflon tape works around the axle.

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Bearing seat got crushed is one of the source of vibe, usually the halves are bent and you can somewhat see it if you roll the yoyo on flat ground carefully, if you can’t see the bend then better not mess with it. It’s fixed by sanding/scraping the bearing seat (note: irreversible). I’ve done this myself and it works.
Other common source of vibe is bearing post not tight enough so the bearing can move around a bit when tightened.


Those only works on older yoyos that didn’t have a bearing seat.


Maybe just quit obsessing over it.


what he said. Vibe is just as bad as you make it. Yoyo smoothness for some yoyos is really finicky. Others are just always smooth.