how to get rid of vibe?


When you have a vibey yoyo, how do you get rid of the vibe?

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The easiest way to get rid of vibe is get rid of the yoyo ;D.

More seriously, if you get a some teflon tape you can wrap it around one end of the axle, screw into 1/2 of the yo and see if it still vibes .If it does screw the axle in a bit further and see if the vibe gets worse or starts to disappear. Adjust again, adjust again. It’s a good idea to also check and make certain that your response isn’t messing with the bearing and that the axle isn’t bent.

It’s a process, sometimes a long process, sometimes a short process.


the easiest way: deal with it.
unless it’s wobbling out of control, vibe doesn’t really affect play noticeably.


Ya and annoying too.