A mod that can increase or reduce vibe.

Since the beginning of modern bearing seats, modders have said doing anything to the bearing seat can cause vibe, of course, anything that adds vibe can also reduce vibe, for example, a bent axle will increase the vibe greatly, replacing the axle will also noticeable reduce the vibe or wobble. This mod is simply sanding the post of the bearing seat, what the actually bearing sits on, as seen in the pictures. I do this when the bearing seat is too tight or if every method I’ve tried to reduce vibe has failed. When doing this mod, I not only try to remove the anodize, i also actually try to sand off some of the metal itself. Some will call me stupid for doing so, but really, this has worked great for me. This Dv888 I have sanded because the bearing seat was tight to the point where removing the bearing meant close to breaking the bearing. Although the vibe was not reduced even by the tiniest bit, no vibe was added and the bearing can easily be removed without pliers.

Next is the Genesis, this was done to try and remove some vibe from it, and it worked quite well, at first, you could feel the vibe easily without searching, and it ended being close to as smooth as when the yoyo was new.

Finally, is the Wasabi 09. This mod worked the best on this yoyo. At first, the Wasabi had a vibe similar to the one found in most YYJ yoyos. After, I can hardly feel the vibe and I am very happy with the results.

Please just keep in mind this mod will not reduce vibe every time and will definitely add vibe if not sanded evenly.

So any comments? What do you guys think of something like this?

What do I think?

You feeling OK? You didn’t remove ALL the anodization!

But, on a more serious note, I think YYF’s “perfect fit” is just insane. I just don’t agree with Ben’s need to make the seats as tight as they are on some models. I don’t see how such a tight fight will equate to “smoother” especially when if the bearing itself isn’t flawless, locking tight to the inner race while the outer race has all the play in it then, well, it just won’t make a difference.

I think this is a decent mod idea.

I got kinda lazy lol, and I just wanted to sand the bearing seat until the vi8be was unnoticeable. Most of the tolerance is on the bearing seat post, so there’s no real need to remove the anodize in the well of the bearing seat. A tight bearing seat doesn’t really help much in my opinion.

I agree. I have many other high end metals with “loose to the bearing” seats and they are smooth as glass. I don’t want to say too much about YYF metals. I recently got rid of a Rockstar but in my defense, I didn’t play it and wasn’t interested in it(part of a BST deal), so I traded it out. I am not going to pass further judgement on YYF metals until I get my Superstar and MVP. The other YYF metals I have are the Mighty Flea, dv888 and a Mutant DNA. I am excluding the Flea since it’s something I really can’t play yet. I haven’t had a need to take the dv888 apart and it’s smooth. The Mutant DNA is a b-grade due to ano flaws and it too is smooth and I haven’t had a need to take it apart.

If I’m not happy with the bearing seats of my throws, I know where I can send them if you’re interested in doing the work.

“of course, anything that adds vibe can also reduce vibe, for example, a bent axle will increase the vibe greatly, replacing the axle will also noticeable reduce the vibe or wobble.”

as hard as i try - i cannot wrap my head around this statement. i understand your example, however goin’ by your statement - the bent axle would have to be used in both scenarios. otherwise, why not just replace a vibey yo yo w/ a non vibey yo yo?

i strongly recommend against doin’ this. i’m glad you experience(s) have turned out positive, but dependin’ on the yo yo - you are tweakin’ tight tolerances that shouldn’t be adjusted.

a good yo yo will vibe due to every other reason, besides the bearin’ seat and/or design - has been my experience.



Yea, maybe I should edit that out. A lot of times, the bearing seat does cause vibe more than anything else, sure a different bearing can fix this, but this can help more sometimes.