Ways of finishing sleepers

How many different ways of catching a sleeper do you have? Im a intermiediate yoyoer here (as in doing that section of the website) and are looking at ways of catching it.

There’s really only one way to catch a sleeper… ??? Not sure why you mention it.

I think there’s a problem of semantics here. :wink: Maybe rephrasing the question will get good responses. I’m not sure what’s being asked. A sleeper is the yoyo hanging at the end of the string after a front throw. The way to bring it back to your hand traditionally is to tug the string. It comes back and you catch it. :wink:

I suspect that you’re into bind returns now, and that what you’re actually after is how many different variations or fancy binds people know and/or use. I have about 4 different binds that I use super-regularly, and then about another 4 or 5 that I use occasionally and then again another 4 or 5 that are strictly used as trick demonstrations for me. For example, I have a palm grind bind that I never do at the end of a trick (even though plenty of other people do!) but I just throw directly into my palm and bind as a complete trick in and of itself.

So about a dozen or so I guess.