How he do this and what is the name of it??


in all the web vids the guy somehow roll the yoyo string without rolling it with hands… i mean he do something and the yoyo rolls into his hand… i see him do it with a throw or somthing like that to the air and than the yoyo shots back or he do a loop or somthing and the yoyo comes back…

is thar a vid to show how he do it?
what is the name of the tricks?


(oh and im sory about my spelling :wink: )


I think you mean this, right?

(Shisaki) #3

I think you mean the rolling bind, heres a vid, go to 2:05


Do you mean binds in general?


thanks for vids

ya i mean bids in general.

about the second vid - it is in a sleeper mode… i ment how he do those tricks in a dead yoyo


I know what he is talking about. I can’t find the video right now, I’ll keep looking, but it’s the way of starting and binding the yoyo from a trapeze.

EDIT: Are you talking about the third style in this video?
(sorry about the link)


ya something like that…

but my problem is that whan my yoyo is dead he is speaning so i cant try the trapez … what is do?

ther is a chance thet my yoyo sucks hes cinda old… ( he calld “typhoon” from “superyo”)


You mean it is spining sideways so it falls off the string? That doesn’t have anything to do with your yoyo. You just have to give the string plenty of slack for the yoyo to sit on. You also just have to balance it and it should stay.


i tryed it with a sleeper and olmost all the time the yoyo stuck after i want to make him sleep agean…

what do i do worng?


Does that mean you got the thing to make it start spinning again? Nice job. The reason when you throw a sleeper and it sticks is because it gets tangled up in the yoyo when you do that starting method. It is normal. Just throw it a little bit until it gets untangled and you will be fine. =)


Ok, I think he is saying, the yoyo is unresponsive, but he can’t bind because he can’t Trapeze.