wax weights for heavy yoyos

so bros, wanna hear something about yoyos
just go manhandle a candle and pour some wax in it
lets the candle sit some so you can fit the max in it
set it on a table so its level
then you can pour it in that devil
i say that because its hot
so let it sit and watch your tots =D

haha, but yeah just let it cool all over it self
let the wax bubble up alot when you pour it into the yoyo , i only have done this on my yoyofactory popstar and i made a bad one (replaced it today and it looks awesome{dif colla waxes})
There is a chance that if you dont fill it in right there will be a small air pocket inbetween the wax and the yoyo.
it kindof makes a unusable hubstack effect…
doesnt make the play worse, it usually spins the same speed but sometimes if you move it you could’ve heard it move within it !so IF you DO THiS! FILL IT UUUPPP!!!

and i always like heavier yoyos the popstar has a dense feel to it to begin with and the wax just finishes it of very well :slight_smile:

feel free to contact me about anything… and if you try this and really mess up your stuff (idk how) please dont complain… common sense is a necessary thing in life