Wax yoyo

This is a candle wax half yoyo I made, its PGM shaped. I did it on a drill, modders should try making candle wax yoyos. Its very fun to make because its easy to do and you can shape it any shape you want and you cant practice your modding skills.


Hey thats a pretty awesome idea!!! I think I’m gonna try that this weekend… Nice job!! :wink:

I did this a while back. it is fun but it really has no use other then to learn how to mod :slight_smile: … but yoyoing has no point other then having fun :wink: everyone should try this, it’s cheap and entertaining (and makes the whole house smell like the candle)

that looks really cool. Could you post some finished pics once you are done?? ;D

Tomorrow I will make a g5 or speeder half.

it looks like a glow in the dark pgm
great job dude

Nice Job! :wink:

id love to see that walk the dog