Handmade my own wooden yoyo

My father and me have been working on this today(all the hardwork itself was made by my father haha). It was all “handmade” since we don’t have a lathe or a high speed drill. We used a low speed drill, a rasp, sanpaper, some tools we had at home and an electric saw. It was made from a 58mm cilinder of beech wood. I have not weighted it yet but it is 58mm×37mm(we wanted to use the “golden ratio”) and about 3mm gap. Tomorrow we will be working on the finish:)


I’d like to see a short clip of this in action.

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I might record some. It has a good response. However you can make it sleep some seconds and then return it with a good amount of power on it. I’ve been 30 minutes doing 0A so I can’t tell if it is that good haha

Nice work!! How much does it weigh?

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Just weighted it and its about 65g. Isnt that too heavy?I think we’ll try to get a few grams out. Also, how much is a “normal” axle diameter?I think mine is slightly thick


I think 1/4" or slightly less is the usual? Not sure though.

Anyhow, see if you can do a trapeze/brother stall on it, that’s a great starter 0a trick to work on.

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Yeah. I can do a normal 1A trapeze on it, and a trapeze stall if I do it while winding. I’m a starter at 0A so I cant tell if it is good or not haha.

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I think it really just depends.

I like em around 50 grams, but if it plays good you’re fine!

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I think it is too powerful haha!Definitely I’ll try to substract a few grams to 55-60 if I can

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