Wats your favorite yoyo released between 2001 and 2008


I would have to say without a doubt that for me it is the Pyro.
Such a unique style and totally groundbreaking originality for a yoyo of its time, and still a yoyo I very much enjoy playing! ^ ^


original 888 = game changer for me. The only yo-yo I kept using during my hiatus from the community.


A great yoyo but I dont think that it qualifies for the time frame. :slight_smile:

My fave from that era is definitely the YYF 888.

Definitely the 888. I think it was awesome as well because theres so many different engravings/colors of them :smiley:

surprised no one mentioned the peak.

Most likely the 07 888 or eli dert

eetsit, bape and the peak.

Man. Tough one.
On my list would be Bare Bones, Bapezilla, G&E2, TFL, Peak, and Radian Mk2…
Oh and recessed Fhz… and the Mg.
(I said it was tough!)

My two would be the peak and the big brother bully
(Love those high-wall organics!)

it would have to be my 888


I see, just late!