Water strings Contest time!--Contest closed! Congrats Nemyo

Hey guys, thought I’d hold a little contest for you. Putting up a 10 pack of multicolored thin strings! All you have to do is name your favorite yoyoer(besides yourself) and i will enter you into a random number picker and choose a winner!

Good luck

Just ONE? ONE favourite thrower? Uuuuuuuuuugh… :smiley:

Alexis JV!

[sneaky edit]

and AUGIE!

Paul Dang.

Sponsored: Anthony Rojas

Uncensored: Matthew Donovan and Stephan Huang


Sponsered: Tyler Goldman

Unsponsered: aznnboyaZ

Charles Haycock

Petr Kavka or shinji saito

Zach Gormley

Zach Gormley

Gentry Stein

Mark Montgomery

Alexis JV

Paul Dang, Gentry Stein, Charles Haycock or Jensen Kimmit.

Guy Wright.

Currently Drew Tetz

Zach gormley

Naming one is way too hard.

Ill just say Paul Dang.

Jensen Kimmit

Janos Karancz.