Watch out for btyoyoforever

So the deal was that i ship my dv888 for his zombie,dark magic and legacy,All to be said in mint condition.He sent me a rim satined zombie thats had a crappy satin job,And orange dark magic that was said to be red with a kk and the rims are beat.Also a blue legacy but i got sent a black legacy with the caps that are screwed and the weight rims are damaged,Also there is only half a response in one of the sides of the zombie.I talked to him on the phone for a while to make sure that i was getting the right stuf.Im sending everything back but i hope noone deals with him.Also i have not shipped yett but he said he would ship first

Good to know, thanks for telling us.

Good call thnx for the warning

This dosent mean that you shouldnt deal with him.
He didnt scam you , he just had the wrong yoyos , so I’m going to point this out.
If this guy gives you a awesome deal. Make sure he ships first and he shows you all the yoyos and every scuff , ding , minor / major problems with it.
But thanks for the warning.

Man, that sucks, sorry man.

Thanks for the heads up. I was gonna trade with him!

I was there when he got the package and its all true man the yos are beat and the bearings are…wow

Yeah, which is wrong. If he said he would send you a (Example) Mint Red Superstar for your Skyline, and he sent you a beat to crap Blue Superstar, it’s just wrong, even if he made it up to you. And if he didn’t make it up, I would consider it scamming. And even if he did make it up to you, it is still wrong what he did, and how he tried to decive you, I wouldn’t trade with a person like this. And if he dosn’t seem to be sorry for what he did, I might even consider doing this, making a warning thread, even when he did make up for it. Cause you need to trust someone when trading, and when trading with someone like that, I don’t think you can exactly trust them 100%. :wink:

-James Reed

So thanks for the warning, if someone trades with him, you should make him ship first.

I agree 100% James

technically if you don’t send him his yoyos back, you are scamming him…

It seems like you could have just left him a negative feedback and moved on with your day. I don’t really see the need for threads like this. We have the feedback system for a reason.

i would give him nuteral feedback. he didn’t scam you. he didn’t get anything out of it, you didn’t get anything out of it. i would say the only thing that this should tell you if you were going to trade with him is to make him ship first.

This is a scam, but I don’t know why you would pull a scam where you ship first. Thats like jumping into a fire naked, your gonna get burned. But it is a scam because he did not send the correct yoyo, same model in a different color and condition is not what you agreed on. It is just as bad as sending a penny for your Superstar. It was a scam, and I think Q said something about leave feedback and go on. I think this is something he needed to do, warn people, because not everyone will look at feedback. Any way of warning people is good, but it shouldn’t be this big “I feel sorry for you man” “that sucks” thread. Just put a warning and lock it.

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He’s banned from chat until he comes clean with what happened here or makes amends.

Lesson learned.

When everything is sorted PM me to get off Ban on Sight.