Was it right to order silicone?

Hey everyone, I’ve ordered a new throw, and along with it some flowable silicone.

It was on sale, and the tube will do a good few yoyo’s, but is it as good as purchasing pre made silicone rings?

If not, it was only a few pounds so no real loss, but I ordered it as I had no replacement response pads, and wasn’t sure how often you have to replace them.

Flowable is great stuff you just have to let it dry well.

Thats good news then :). I have just read you don’t have to replace the response often though, so it should last a while as well. It was the monkey snot brand.

make sure you seal off the tube well after you use it or it’ll dry up and become useless. It’s great stuff through and adaptable to almost any yoyo. It’s a cheap option and what I always use.