Is silicone still king?

Coming back into the hobby. Forgive me.

Is flowable silicone still the king as far as response replacements go? I see that far more yoyos are using proprietary (?) response pads, so I’m a little unsure if flowable silicone is the universal response replacement that I thought it was 3 or so years ago.


Also, how do you keep a bottle good for more than one use?

I use flowable silicon.
I cherish in a freezer at -5 ° C

Silicone is still pretty popular. Monkey finger snot which is my favorite response sets well in just your average refrigerator.

Yoyos come stock with response pads. Lots of people still use silicone for replacement pads though. Really only because it’s much cheaper than pads.

or as in my case because it makes the parameter of the response of all my yoyos (as important for the return when to throw) in a way pleasing to me.

to seal off a bottle of silicone, i would try to just put a screw that is a little larger than the hole in which the silicone comes out of.

Take a small strip of some electrical tape and put a nice seal between the can and tube. Then keep in fridge.

great! and always be careful do not leave air into the tube, always tighten properly

Thats right, I forgot to say to squeeze just a little up and out into the nozzle and wipe off the bulge of silicone flat before putting on cap (and tape). This removes air as Persson mentions.

Unless its Monkey Snot, then just prep all the throws youll want sillied and do em all at once. Those syrenge applicators are convient but dont yeild themselves to storage. Consider them a one shot. The upside is that its thin like white glue, the self leveling insures you cant get it too wonky. :slight_smile: Always that hidden cost for the convenience.

To answer your simplest question, yes, flowble is still king.

I’ve had it in some yoyos in upwards of a year and it’s still giving reliable binds.