Was asked to make this topic...

During break at school, guy offered me 10 bucks to make this post. I now have 10 bucks and the guy is watching this forum like a hawk, so here goes.

“Im gonna regret this.”

Name some reasons why you would ask me out.


(I freakin hate my life right now, even with an extra 10 bucks in my pocket.)


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I wouldn’t


I’m a dude, you’re a dude, I’m pretty sure we’re both straight. So no.

I won’t go out with you, even though you are wicked good at yo-yoing.

Also, I am a guy. And I’m straight.


If you took me to a nice restaurant and dropped some serious money I’d go out with you. You’ll have to get dessert if you want a kiss on the doorstep. A Yoyo bribe might work too. :wink:

This is good! ^

If your a girl.


Just someone who enjoys throwing some slack back at Jayyo


I like you and all…I really do…but as a friend…can’t we just be friends…? Besides I prefer a “larger” man….

Well…I don’t know much about you, but…
You’re a brony, and I think that’s cute.
You’re a furry (if I’m not mistaken), and I think that’s cute too.
And you’re a yoyoer and I think that’s really cool.

Lol, why, man? You got 10 bucks to make a topic that practically means nothing. It might even boost your confidence. :stuck_out_tongue:

Freinds with “Benefits”

You dont know how large I am broski.

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This is how straight I am:


That little dip is me asking you out, so you can help me move.

you are the pinnacle of what my eyes see as perfection. manly. strong willed. glasses. mmmmmmmm
that’s enough reason for me.

I’m really craving a slice of that pie right about now…

I don’t know how many girls are on here, so I’ll take a crack at it. Based on the fact that you did this on a dare, so to speak, you are willing to take a small risk (embarrassment) to make some money. Your trade count is amazing, so it seems that you are trustworthy and you work well with others. You are into yoyoing, and seem passionate about it, which is cool. Forum expert means you are a helpful guy. Based on the little information I have…someone might ask you out because:

  1. You have some guts, and you are not afraid to earn a buck. Girls like that.
  2. If you are an honest guy, and trustworthy…there is nothing better than that.
  3. You are passionate about something, have a cool hobby, and it’s easy to figure out what you’d want for your birthday and Christmas.
  4. You are helpful to others, and give good advice. A girl might learn a few things from you.
    I would have taken the $10 too, but only if I could explain why I was posting this (as you did). Your friend would have made a better dare if he said, “you can’t explain why you are posting.” That would have been a lot more amusing.