Hey guys, I read in this interview that there may be ways to impress a girl with yo-yoing.

I was wondering are there any other ways besides having your name on a yo-yo.

You see there is this girl at my school that I kind of like and I think It be great to have someone special I can promise to become world champ.

~Spin On!


Just be nice to her. And listen.

Dude, I’m 14.

Besides, I don’t think flowers will do it. I’m just wondering is “suddenly” doing the awesome tricks when she’s around the way to go or impress her at talent shows or something.

Or the third option: not use yo-yoing, just get her to be your friend and see what happen.

So? I’m thirteen. And I was kinda joking, but not. but yes. Do an “impossible trick”. Gyros, boingy, eli hops, grinding, matadors.

Hmm, maybe a body maneuvering trick will do. Or a trick that tangles the string and yo-yo together and the final product is a green triangle. I gotta hurry up on L-Escape!

how about… don’t use a yoyo to get girls

You could use it to literally get girls! Like if you make the yoyo go side ways while you throw, it whips around the thing, tangles the string, and grabs it! Kinda like a grapple hook.

That is not a good idea. Murder!

What about making a new trick that can somehow get it to grind her arm without the yo-yo riding up and smashing her face?

It could be possible, thing is my arm grinds sprint off my arm. Imagine I tried the trick on someone else.

Lol, I can Evvision that ;).

  Really if it would be hard- Just give her a Taco.

Otherwise- Just stand there yoyoing and when she walks by Do an insane trick or say “CRAP” or something to get her to see you… :wink:

OOWW if a yoyo has hubstacks, spin it and let her do it… Great fun :wink:

I agree with this.

Do anything but yoyo. Seriously, be yourself. However, let her know you yoyo after a while - At least let her know you throw.

I agree to not use yoyo but if you have to you could show her the heart trick.

If I were you I wouldn’t bring the yoyo into the relationship. Once you feel comfortable around her and everything try to ease it in by questioning her hobbies then pointing out yours (yoyoing).

Yoyos don’t get women. UNLESS you get to travel ALOT then they are interested.

Use Spin tops not yoyos! lol jk. Don’t use the yoyo. I would get to know her first and become good friends with her. If she does want to see your tricks go ahead. I would go for something interactive (Hubstacks?). Or do what Andre says to do. Use the spin top on their hands ;). Seriously. Just be yourself, have fun with it and don’t try to impress. Just become friends with her.

This is what I recommend.

She already knows I’m into it. I wonder does she feel mad that I beat her at our school Talent Show in December. That might hurt it a little. I know, don’t mention that day…

BTW: I used to talk to her a lot in sixth and seventh grade. She joined the Cheer Team in eighth.

You never know how much you like a girl until you’ve sat next to her for 95% of the school year.

Does she like it (seem interested) but seriously, just ease into her life and become her friend. Even if you don’t go out with her at least you two will be friends.

Ok, thanks guys. I just needed some help from my friends. My school friends are unreliable…


It’s as if you know a person so well that they will be unreliable but yet an online friend seems to be more reliable.

~Spin On!

I believe this is because the people online don’t know the situation and thus can give an unbiased (almost or at least unbiased) for the situation. :wink:

Kim-Lan is a girl! :smiley: Just listen to her.

These are my thoughts.

Just imagine you were a girl. You saw some guy yoyoing. You think he’s cool, but he’s your enemy, so you pretend to walk away. I mean, would you actually approach someone you don’t really like? Even if he’s cool?

So yeah. If i saw someone yoyoing, i would just watch secretly. You can’t expect her to come up to you and say hi and suddenly become your gf, can you?