The yoyo have destoyed my reputation among the girls. I’m a NERD now. So I recommend that you get girls by using regular flirting. You are 14, so flirting should work.

Rofl, I don’t think you guys understand how lucky you are to even be thinking that yoyo’ing can get you a girl. Your young and I envy you all. Imagine being 32 and saying “Hey baby, look, I can yoyo”. The girl walks away and tell all her friends that she just got hit on by the biggest dork she’s ever met. lol. :-\

;D LOL!!

WOOT I’m a nerd too, They think it’s cool but then they figure out it’s a yoyo… :wink:

girls are easy to let her know you like her just punch her in the arm and pull her hair,trip her, make fun of her till she starts crying. that how you show girls you like them lol jk :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously don’t do this :frowning:

That’s Ok guys. She’s in my Honors English class next year (most likely. If her friend got in then she did). Maybe I’ll just start off with helping with HW and then see what happens. If we become close friends. Then if she starts wondering about yo-yoing and she says it’s weird and stuff then I’ll impress her with my card throwing skills.

Note: we live in a small town. The only other way for her to suddenly like me is using my martial arts skills to save her.

That’s a year away almost… ACT NOW.

Really, Now is the future.

I throw cards too and good plan. Its your own!


desame age of chris (14)
is there other ways…
aside from yoyoing to impress a girl?

A real mustache? Really, to get girls when you are around 14, you have to be either VERY weird so they think you’re funny, or you have to flirt with them.

Addment: Where I live, 14 year old girls date 19 year old boys.