Most impressive yoyo tricks?

Hi everyone I just got a magicyoyo n12, what tricks would you recommend to impress girls?

I have been practicing and can do the brain twiser and the man on a trapeze (sometimes)

I wanted to know what I should learn before I take it into school because I really want to impress this one girl


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Quite frankly I’ve never found girls to be particularly impressed by yoyo tricks past the age of about 7 or 8. :wink:

Yep, my wife…completely unimpressed by any yoyo tricks I do. My 5, 7 and 9 year old nieces though completely impressed even by a sleeper! ;D

Seriously though, if someone needs to be “impressed” to like you or be your friend they aren’t worth your time. They need to like you and want to be around you for you.

If you are looking to pick up chicks, probably not the right angle

That’s a tough one partner. I throw yo-yos at work all the time, most girls are polite enough to ignore me, but the last girl that was impressed asked me if I could walk the dog (which I totally can, btw). She seemed pretty happy to see that, I think she was around ten years old.

Not a terrible strategy man… Try learning Eli hops its pretty impressive when done smoothly

Chicks dig a guy who’s great with his fingers…Just saying.

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I’ve had plenty of girls come talk to me when I’m yoyoing, and I’m not the prettiest thing you find in a trash can (darn apple cores lookin’ too darn fine this time of year). All terrible jokes aside I guess. Have fun and be yourself. If the girl doesn’t like your mad yoyo skills, maybe you could do it the old fashion way and say “hi! My name is ___!”

Slim Shady.

Gyro flop

(Post was only 99.9% family friendly, so I removed it. Sorry!)

How about this?!

My wife generally thinks its weird/I’m weird. If you want to impress girls, play guitar. Yo-yo is pretty much just for you.

Two handed looping always impress girls, though it takes time to practice and if you’re not good at it yet, better not do it at all.
Probably the trick that generally doesn’t take a long time yet looks flashy enough is eli hop. Though I would suggest fast combos if you’re good enough. Also picture tricks like the heart shape or tower.

Impress girls with guitar? im not so sure about that. Play guitar like everyone and their granny, no this I can agree with.

Im not a chick, but If I was it would not be popular things that get me goin :wink:

Ive got an ongoing joke with my wife about making a yoyo team called the Panty Splashers. I want to make up shirts.

If I had a nickle for every time I’ve heard, “Hey, you should yo-yo while you play the bass!”…

I’m married with children now, but when I was in college, girls melted for it. Yeah, anyone can own a guitar and be able to play a few chords, being technically sound and able to play/sing in time or with a band is still impressive to everyone.

Yo-yo impresses me, though, so there’s also that.

Hi thanks everyone, I don’t think I will take it into school after all

I practiced eli hops like you said and can do them most of the time

It was my brother who said I should take it in so he probably knows that girls dont like yoyos anyway

If the point of your yoyoing is to impress girls in the first place, then it’s not a good reason to yoyo at all. There are many other ways to impress girls that is more likely to work than yoyoing.
In the end, if you love yoyoing, do it, regardless of the girls.

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Dude go for it. Girls have come over many times to me while throwing.