How you do it.

I’ve been watching my friend yoyo recently and it brought up an interesting topic. He was just doing the tricks. Whats wrong with that you say? Well I know some beggeners who have gone out and performed cool yoyo tricks like split the atom and people didn’t seem impressed. I know some wonder why. I would just like to note thats it not just what you do, it’s how you do it (happens to be my siggy). If you go out on the streets and perform spit… the… atom… sssllllloooowwwllllyyyyy, and do it with your fingers fumbling around, don’t be surprised if people aren’t that impressed. The main purpose of this article is to inform begeners to practice doing the trick smoothly and with enthusiasom. People awww alot more if you have a cetain rythem to your performance or a if you play with enthusiasom. One of the best tricks i can think of to explain this is cold fusion. It looks so much better if you do the first part fast so it looks like it’s bouncing back and forth. Another example is Augie Fash. A reason people like him is because he plays with enthusiasom. It’s just fun to watch him having fun. So work on presantation. Hope this helps.

no ;D

i hope that was a joke.

yes i can imagine that would help a beginner very much,

Ya I never would of thought of it if it weren’t for my freind. Ya gotta admit, cold fusion looks lame in slowmo.

Ok. I see your point. But as a beginner, I was more concerned with just getting a trick right, not impressing people. Enthusiasm comes later in the game I’ll admit, but really, if you are yoyoing with the intent of getting noticed, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. (I’ll admit, that’s why I started getting in to it, but I opened my eyes to a whole 'nother side of it) Just my opinion.

This may not be on the side of impressing as it may be to not being oppressed if you get my meaning. Anyways learning how to do the tricks smoothly will help you with tricks in the future. You havn’t masterd a trick until you can do it smoothly. So my question to you is this. If you do the trick but it didn’t look like the trick did you really do the trick. What is the true deffinision of a yoyo trick. I belive (even if your not performing) the goal of a yoyo trick is to perform something visualy impressive and fun. Just because your not performing it to someone else doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be impressive. I’m not saying i got into yoing because i wanted to impress. In fact most of my practicing and yoing i do in my room. But you want to practive the tricks as if you were performing. Do you see what i’m getting at?

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I see what you’re saying. And I commend you for your style of thinking. 8)