Waryo is available






Shape:Butterfly / Wing Weight:65.5g Width:40.0mm Bearing: .250 x .500 x .187 in
Stock Response System:O+O ring Diameter:56mm Gap Width:4.0mm

What do you think with the Waryo?
Anybody like it,contact me!

Cool, you ripped off the MVP, good for you!

Meanie, but true…

BTW, that yoyo has a really small axle… You can barely see it…

I really don’t see the MVP in this. The rims are totally different, the gap is smaller, and it is more rounded than an MVP. This one looks like it will be more comfortable in the hand. Admittedly I have not played an MVP but I have played a Catch 22 and a C13, both have similar shapes to the MVP and I found both to be uncomfortable when catching them after a tight bind.

I would agree, the profile alone is very different from the MVP and i would assume the weighting is different too. It’s may be the same thing as with the Project 2 and BBYY Bully. they’re a very similar shape and dimentions, but the weighting is compleately different and they play like two different beasts.

I don’t know about the MVP, but it looks cool and I kinda want one

Wow, surprisingly looks like an MVP. And I agree with Jump too, don’t mean to be mean though.

well jump your pretty mean he didnt rip off the mvp lots of people get ideas from different yoyos.
this yoyo however is like the mvp from the inside untill you get to the rims then you have an entire different yoyos :wink: nice btw

Yeah you guys are right, it is pretty different from the MVP. I was just in a bad mood when I posted that I guess. No hard feelings :wink:

I’ve seen this yoyo here and there, and i like it.
I can barely see MVP there, but i see virus.
Nothing wrong, it’s still diferent.
I like it.

Triple post? Wow… Kristiawan you tried it already? : O

i already clean it.
i guess the mods can mad at me now.
dang connection.

no. i havent tried it.
i mean that i really like the shape.