Warning - Iluvthatyoyo & YoYoGoD24, Dalton Hill, Thomas Cox

This is trying to be resolved but to save people any future hurt, I figured I would let the community know to NOT trade with Iluvthatyoyo. He scammed me and 8 other people. Thanks to jhb for helping get to the bottom of this. That is all.

I would extend that caution to deals with YoYoGoD24 as well. Comes from the same IP address. He claims to be the guy’s brother but I have my doubts. In any event each account was used to give the other + feedback.

Both accounts have been banned. I suspect nothing will come of the efforts to resolve the issues here.
Known name: Dalton Hill.
Has used paypal account: fatalbert36@gmail.com

Can someone provide a city and state. The closest I can come is Orlando, Florida or Little Rock, Arkansas.

I think may have some more info I’m going to go back and look through my emails.

Thomas Cox
Gainesville,fl 32609

Took a bit of searching, but i found it!

Wait… The names don’t match…

Thomas Cox is the name that comes across from his email.

Apparently this guy is a chameleon. I got the Dalton Hill name from another guy he scammed.

I found website him and he friends made thomas and dalton are on it http://yofinityteam.weebly.com/team-players.html
P.s. He scammed me. is there anything i should do

Well that’s interesting. Not much you can do at this point.

I live in florida just like him. Do u think i can track him down at PAIYYC (if he is even real)

dang, that was an elite scam. Fake yoyo team, he pm’d me about making a yoyo and then just stopped all of a sudden… probably cuz his scam was over, wow.

I have shipped to a Dalton hill before, I belive I have the address saved in my phone, he was trying to do me shady a couple times, and then got me one time his other account must have been yofinity352 also cause that’s the one he was dealing with me on any how here it is

Dalton hill
Gainesville fl

I’ve shipped to that address too for yofinity352.

soo looking like he had three accounts

Thanks, just banned that one too. It was active today.

The fact that people give zero thought to posting someone’s address on a public forum is simply dumbfounding to me.

When the cops go to the guys house that beats the snot out of the dudes address you have posted I can only hope he mentions he saw it here and those people that posted it.

That way the person that took a beating will have a much better chance in court.

Brilliant as always!!

A scammer does not deserve any consideration.
Street number removed.

I couldn’t agree more but tact needs to be applied.

Be sneaky like myself.

I thought only forum members could see the feedback section?

This is what i was thinking, i would not post someones address otherwise.