Warning - FAKE YYF 888

We have it on good authority that there is a fake YYF 888 circulating around. It has been offered for sale to at least two forum members. Here’s a few comments from members who are knowledgeable.

Finally we have this from the man who really know his yoyos.

Consolidated and revised.

How much was he selling it for?

He was claiming that it was super rare, saying it was worth over $200 dollars. He was trying to trade it for CLYW.

Lol, that’s one of the worst knockoffs I’ve seen. I would’ve sooner fallen for an Aoda Rainbow or Sunshine being rare.

I agree. The screw in the middle was a dead giveaway.

Besides, I know YYF loves to engrave everything with their logo. In English.

$20 is still too much for this lol, you can buy these at $4 a pop.

If you can buy these for 4$, where can I get one lol?

I know! I like that engraving there!

Indeed, although it may not play that good, i do like the way it looks for sure.

this isn’t really related but doughnut. If that’s bill Cosby shouldn’t he be eating jello.

Yeah that is a rather blatant knockoff

But… Bill Cosby Likes Ice cream too.

ill take 20.

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Seriously though, where can I buy one of these?

I want one

That has the same shape as the 888 but that screw really gives it away [color=black][/color]

There are MANY 888-based yoyo’s from the China market.
Rarely are they decent quality with the exception of Aoda and Auldey counterparts. (which I believe they do not produce anymore)

This one looks like some base-metal alloy that’s not even CNC machined.
Although there are many amazing Chinese manufacturers, it’s junk like this that throws in a bad name to majority of quality overseas manufacturers.