Wanting to step it on up!

Hey yall. I’m Mike from Hattiesburg Mississippi. I have been yoyoing for quite some time now, but I got into a bind and actually had to sell my yoyo. I had the DV888 by YYF. I have gotten my life back together and I am looking for an upgrade. I really like aluminum yoyos but I am open to suggestions. I have no desire to buy a yoyo over 125 dollars though. I have really been looking into one drop yoyos but there are so many types and brands that I don’t know what to choose! I am a 5A thrower if I am remembering correctly. I think that is just string tricks with one yoyo without a counterweight. I am new here by the way and will probably end up staying.

Yall have a great day and thanks in advance. Sorry for any typos as I am on a shitty cheap windows phone until I have money to fix my galaxy :milky_way:

Might be worth checking out some of yoyofficer products.
Underpriced and very worth it. Glad to see you moving up!

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Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I’m looking at going back and perfecting the fundamentals of string tricks and work my way up. It would be awesome to eventually enter contests and possibly get sponsored. Be a dream. Well, besides being a singer. Lol. I will check them out. Think I saw some of them in the yoyoexpert store.

For more info, I do like wing shaped, v shaped, h shaped, etc. I’m not a fan of the toy yoyo type shape. They’re hard to do string tricks with.

Sorry yall, didn’t realize I posted in the wrong section

There are a ton of options out right now that are a ton of bang for your buck.

YYF has the Shutter, Shu-ta, Too H.O.T., Horizon, Cypher, and CZM8 all for really good prices. All of those are less than $75 (as cheap as $45 with plain color), so you could even look at getting a couple for less than your max price.

One Drop has their Benchmark line, which are all outstanding. There are 3 shapes in the 2013 lineup, and 4 in the 2014 lineup. These are about $60 for plain colors, slightly more for splashes, and are Side Effect yoyos, which is probably the best axle system ever. One Drop is also top notch in their machining abilities, the Benchmarks are steals at the price they are.

Yoyofficer also has a great lineup of very affordable throws. Their most expensive throw is $80, most are around $50 or less. A lot of people recommend them, I see the Musket, Lava, Kilter, and Hatchet suggested a ton.

It’s really hard for anybody to suggest just one throw in your budget right now, simply because there are so many good options. It really just comes down to what you think you’ll like best…

Oh yeah, 5A is counterweight, 1A is regular string tricks.

Okay, so I throw 1A. I’m definitely going with one drop, I just don’t know which one yet! So many to choose. Haha. I will make it work.

All good recommendations. Not really anything I can add. I forgot who said it but it is a great time to in yoyo’ing to start will all the great affordable options out there for you.

I have all four shapes of the 2014 benchmarks, and I would suggest either the H or W shapes. They are the most stable with the H being the most stable.

Stability is something you would want while learning tricks

C3 Accelerator
Duncan Torque
Yoyofficer Orbis
Werrd 86400
Yoyofactory Too Hot

All stuff I’d consider

V, H or W shaped Benchmark

Thanks yall, I went with the code one :slight_smile:

Yeah, if you’re set on an OD Benchmark, I haven’t seen anybody say they’re disappointed with their H-shape; either 2013 or 2014.