Wanted to take some pics...I think you'll like them

My camera that I’ve had for the last 8 years has started to die. Dunno what I’m going to if I can’t take pics anymore because I can’t afford the camera I need to start my business, but for now I’m trying to get all the use I can out of it.

Been realizing my skill has surpassed what my camera can handle anyway so maybe it’s a good thing. Part of my camera’s problem is horrible white balance, tried to correct colors in PS, but some are still off. Also the same problem I’ve been dealing with forever now, the dust and scratches on my sensor show up in some pics.(can’t get it cleaned because the camera shop scratched my senor the first time).

Check out some of my other photography on Flickr. I have over 4,000 photos most of those because of my amazing run with my Nikon D70.



Sick pics! They capture every tiny detail of the yoyos, molding marks, dings, etc. I would kill for any of the YYJs.

Beef N’ Go. That means give me the beef and go!