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Not sure if this is allowed on here, but I wanted to give folks here a chance before I put it elsewhere. I have so much stuff I need to get rid of some. I just don’t use it anymore.

I have a Nikon D3 in Excellent condistion with 2 batteries, the dual charger and 5 cf cards. I can throw in a 50mm 1.8d lens. Looking for $900 including the lens.

I am also selling a Fujifilm X100T in black finish. It has 4 batteries (3rd party) and 2 chargers, brown leather case, filter ring adapter and UV filter, and the 50mm converter. Looking for $850 for everything.

If its allowed I will also post photos of everything. If not I’ll remove the post.


The X100 series are awesome street cameras, I’m a Fujifilm fan myself.

I am too. I really love that camera but I just don’t use it much. I have a large D750 kit and a Sony a6400 right now.

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how do you like the Sony a6400 I have heard its a good camera but I dont know if I should get it or the canon m50

I just picked it up last night. Somewhat impulsive. I was looking at getting a more compact setup than the D750. The guy at best buy was one of the sony experts. I was looking at the NikonZ6 and maybe the A6000. We spent an hour and half looking at different options and he had his personal 6400 with him. He put photos and videos he shot for Sony and BestBuy on the big screen and we went over so much. Its an awesome camera.

My director has an M50 and so far he loves it. We dont talk much but I some video of his son playing football at college and some stills and it looked pretty good. I guess its all in what you want to do. The 18-135 kit lens with the Sony and the A6400 capabilities sold me on it.


And now that I spent all that cash, I need to make some room and sell the stuff I dont use so much.


Here is a link to the local add for the D3 with pictures. Very low shutter count.

And here is the X100T with photos.

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