FT: Sony Cypershot DSC-V1 digital camera


The B/S/T section seems to have a lot of cameras for sale. Well, here’s another one.
I’m not interested in selling it for cash, only trading it for a mint/very near mint throw. Not looking for anything in particular so all offers are welcome. Included is the camera, a 5 Megapixel Sony Cybershot DSC-V1 with two batteries (the original and one generic which actually lasts longer than the original), charger, carry case, instruction book (no box), USB to mini-USB cord and wide angle lens which triples as a fish-eye and macro lens. I will also include memory card if I can find it (currently using memory stick duo from PSP) and the av cord (again, if I can find it). It uses the Sony Memory Stick/Memory Stick Pro.

I want to trade it because I lost the charger cord a while back and bought a new camera. Well, I found the charger cord and no longer need it.

Ok, some of you are thinking “5 megapixels? My cell phone can do that!”. Well, so can my brothers and this thing spanks it. I actually think that it’s auto point-and-shoot mode takes better pics than my 12.1 megapixel cannon, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Here are some pictures I took with the camera which is for sale (these yoyos are NOT up for sale or trade):

See how well it shows off the top of my dusty computer case?

The camera is in great shape and works perfectly. There is a very small chip in the viewfinder which does not affect the picture quality at all (it came with the chip as far as I can tell) and the view finder is a tiny bit off when taking pics (what you see is almost what you get). The screen on the back is far more honest.

I left the lens out of town but can post pics on Thursday night if anyone is interested, I’m sure it could take even better close-up shots.

One good throw takes all. Since I have a low trade count I would have no problems with shipping first as long as you have at least 5 positive feedbacks as a SELLER, or if you are a highly regarded forum member (if you have received a lot of thank you posts etc.).

Any questions just ask :smiley:

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