PACKAGE DEAL. BUY IT! Cameras also for sale

I need cash… so buy this.
THe next four yoyos, together, for only $40 dollars shiped.

By born2curl at 2011-03-10
Mint. Good. Very smooth and UNRESPONSIVE.

By born2curl at 2011-03-10
No stacks, mint. Very nice yoyo, great price! I can add in the stacks for 23 shipped, but I only have one O-ring.

2010 FH2
By born2curl at 2011-03-10
Much better than the old one. stock and mint.

Canon NTSC ZR85
By born2curl at 2011-03-10
Uses a memory card, or a tape. Comes with 60 minutes of tape, but no memory card. Lens cap & charger included. Takes great video, along with pictures. Good condition. Just some scratches here and there. No major marks.
Offer up!

Canon Easyshare.
By born2curl at 2011-03-10
THis thing went through everything… 3.1 megapixels. Takes video. Lost of dents and marks. THe battery cover wiggles around so a rubber band should make it perfect.
$10 shipped!

Mobile iPod Charger
By born2curl at 2011-03-10
Plug an ipod cord into it, and it gives one full charge with each set of batterys. Comes with a new set. New.
$15 shipped.

Message me with Questions,

looking for:
x convicts ( special editions preferably, but still offer even if it isnt. please very little vibe!!!)
hitman ( double o ring please. I WILL TRADE BIG FOR CLEAR ENYO HITMAN.)
sigma blade zwei ( anything but black. little vibe please)
all hg yoyos (besides relic. any condition. little vibe please.)
fiesta or bigyo. (any condition, not a lot of vibe please!

-Ben Nikitas

Bump. Games pending.

ps3 controller gone.

guys! i have some good things up here! dont be afraid to offer!


come on. im realllllly desperate for money right

55 for the mkii. anything that doesnt sell goes on ebay

why wont anybody buy my stuff :frowning:

thread updated. lf yyjs now!

PSP only has one bid!!!

500 views and one offer…
come on. pleaseeee buy!

ill buy the maverick and fh0 for 20 mabye :slight_smile:

why wont anybody buy this. i mean, really. this is a good deal…

can I have the pgm with stacks for $15 or $20? and how much is shipping? plus plus plus u can also email me. Thanks