FS/FT: Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera-PRICE DROP!

I have a Kodak Easyshare C613 digital camera. I am looking to get about $55 $40 shipped for it. You can check out prices for new and used cameras of the same model on Amazon, and you will see that $55 $40 is a pretty fair price. The only trades I will accept are: any Crucial throws, any delrin throws by any company (no 4A throws please), offers that are impossible to resist. I am only interested in mint or near mint throws, unless it is something special or rare.

It has two small scratches right next to each other on one corner. This is the only cosmetic damage. This camera runs on 2 AA batteries (not included) and uses a regular SD card (also not included). It has 16 megabytes of internal memory without an SD card. It takes 6.2 megapixel pictures, which is more than sufficient for BST pictures. The video quality is 480p. This decent enough to see the string and maneuvers in a video, given that the string color, shirt color, and background allow visibility of the string. Here are some pictures.

Can we please take this off our buy/sell/trade for yoyos? I don’t come on here looking for miscellanious things, and it’s tiresome when the BST is cluttered with threads with only NYYR. Take it to ebay, you’re not even wanting a yoyo for it.

real talk

Considering the thread is already bumped at the moment. I reply with my agreement to this statement.