PLEASE HELP ME, I need money bad, an accident happened and I need to fix it!

Guys Please help me, I accedently hit a golf ball into this guys huge window! I have to pay for it and it’s going to be a FORTUNE!

Everything must go!

Here are Pictures O0


Next i have a 8.1 mega pixel s860 samsung camera. Has some scratches on it. Comes with case. Doesn’t come with SD Card. Great Camera for taking fun, not serious pictures. Requires Batteries and comes with the chord for the computer.  $50 + Shipping

I also have a red Duncan Mayhem, It’s a great yoyo, just trying to thin my collection out. It has 2 very hard to find scuffs on one side. The other side is mint. I dont’ really want to sell this, but if i can get a a good $65 for it will be yours, pretty much BRAND NEW  $55 + Shipping GONE

I have a black worlds ed. SFX. Almost mint, has some scratches and plays great! $30 + Shipping

I have a mint yellow Phenomizm, love this, but i’m broke and I have to pay for a window that is going to cost me a crap load of money. $55 + Shipping
I have a yellow translucent big-yo. It plays good. Looking for$15 + Shipping GONE TO A VERY SPECIAL FRIEND  :slight_smile:

Please Not Shipping is $6 extra and I don’t except paypal.


What is the capacity of the iPod? What is its condition? What is model of Samsung camera you are selling?

[Insert request for pictures of both items here.]

Isn’t the B/S/T for yoyo related sales and trades? If you were offering to trade for a yoyo it would make sense but you’re specifically rejecting yoyo offers.

No. And he needs money not yoyo’s.

I already sold yoyos on here. The money is going to go to a trip to WORLDS next year.

BUMP Pics up tomorrow with some yoyo accesories :smiley:

BUMP Pics UP with a Luminator :slight_smile:

Added 2 new things. BUMP

Bump I really need cash, I can lower the prices!

Atmosphere gone bump


I can make you a really good deal, Just offer :smiley:

bump p2 still pending. Maybe gone by tomorrow!

P2 is still going to be pending for a while BUMP

BUMP Planet 9 and a FHZ is gone!

Planet 9 and FHZs GONE BUMP

$5 Price Drop + I added two New throws! BUMP

Do you think maybe it’s time to retire this and start a fresh topic of what you have available. :wink: