fs/ft 4 yos.......PAINTBALL GUN!!!!!!!

i got a lyn fury a fhz…white a pgm blue and yellow…a yomega dash and a 8 gig i touch …and im just going to put this up to see if i can get something good in an offer…its my paintballgun it is a us army ed. and it comes with empty c02 tank you can fill it up at academy and get bullets thereand i have the hopper…the thing that holds the bullets…NO MASK.

Hey are there any songs on the ipod and does it come with a charger?and how much you looking for.i was thinging a blue dv888 amd a dv888 w/no axle but the 888x is near mint and great but needs silicone and i can sili it for you if you wnat

Yo wyatt i dont trust this kid. On another forum he offerd me the same thing for a dingo. and he didnt even tell you that there is a crack in the screen. i asked for pics and his camera was supposedly broken. idk about this kid. Just a heads up. Hea been offering this stuff to like 100 other people on the other forum and has still not traded. Scammer?

I’ve offered my Acryllion 100 different times on another forum, does that mean I’m a scammer?

Simple solution, have him ship first, if the product isn’t satisfactory, let him know and ship it back.
Can’t pre-judge people just because of the feedback number. :slight_smile:

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that means nothing…true. but he has an ipod with a crack and he didnt even say that and he couldnt provide pics. im just saying its kinda fishy

if he shipps first then i will be fine

i told yoyo addict that i couldnt provide pics cause i didnt have a camera yet…so he needs to back up off my jock!!

so would you do that?an 888x and dv888 with bearing but no axle for your itouch?

The Itouch is cracked, one button is not working so it can’t turn on without putting charger and plugging it to the wall.

Wow.Please dont sell broken stuff on these forums without metioning they are broken.This is a wierd trade and i advise noone to trade unless he is willing to ship first and the ipod works

I rest my case. Chalk 1 up for yoyoaddict96

yorget you and ill send fist all day every day fool!!!

well pm me if your interested and will ship first

Yet another lie! you said your camera wasn’t working not that you didn’t have one yet! that’s 2 for yoyoaddict96 !!! I’M ON FIREEEEEEEE!!!


Ahahah wow.i think we need a moderator into this and take care of this guy. (:

I consider having a camera that doesn’t work, not having a camera.

It’s either

  • Idont have a cmera or
  • My camera isn’tworking
    2 totally differnt things. I have two cameras but one isn’t working.

Not really. You have a camera that won’t take pictures.
I may not want to tell you that my camera isn’t working, so I just say I don’t have a camera.

I have a camera, but it doesn’t hold pictures and wont format a memory card. It’s just easier for me to tell you that I don’t have a camera. Does that make me a liar and a theif? Not that I’ve been accused of.

so i am staring at my insignia and my kodac on my desk right now. They are both cameras except my insignia doesn’t work because it wont turn on. So i would say i have 2 cameras but 1 is not working at the moment. Not i have 1 camera that would be a lie. ;D