fs/ft 4 yos.......PAINTBALL GUN!!!!!!!

Are you guys really fighting about this?

na were just messin. ;D

really now i dont have one i told you that on yoyo nationn dumb duck faced …********************************************************** face :o


Um yeah i wouldnt trade with this guy^ if hes that mentally unstable :-\


go **** urself and get off my topic!!

no, what are you going to do about it?

Addict, you might think you’re being funny, but you’re actually being really annoying.

You’re harrassing him.
Leave the thread alone or you will be reported, don’t even reply to this- otherwise I won’t hesitate to push the button. And don’t argue that he used foul lanbguage, you provoked him to do so. That doesnm’t make it right by any means, but you’re being a real jerk.

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Hmmmm? So let me get this straight, Peru54 has the right to come onto the forum and try to scam people in the B/S/T and then starts cursing at me because i gave my friend the heads up about it? Go ahead and report me Q i honestly don’t care. I’m not being a jerk. The kid started with me so i didn’t let him talk to me like that. If you think it’s o.k to lie about the product you are selling that’s no big deal but i think differently. I did not break any rules but on the other hand Peru54 has broken several. Do whatever you want. If this kid would have told the truth about his ipod there wouldn’t be a problem now would there? I have done no provoking either for the record.

EDIT: I went onto The site where he offerd me this and took the pm’s.

Did u see that!!! :o :o :o His camera broke ON THE SPOT!

the freaking itouch is gone you bumm!!