MINT BUT THROWN Dv888! NYYR Wilson A2K Never used in Game!

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I am officially adding my Blue and yellow PGM v.2 to the mix. It has a tiny, peakish vibe i guess on the string, but is like holding your phone on vibrated on the stacks. Its terrible. You feel the vibe all the way up your arm. It is complety mint. I can add in the stacks, but I dont have bearings or O ring things, so all you will get is the yellow covers. Sorry. :-\

Mint Grey Dv888. Awesome. Im just not really digging it… I still have the box. Ill throw in 2 Purple Stuff Yoyo Gstrings, and A CW for anything cool…  Out of Gstrings, and my dog ate my CW. No lie. We can figure out an add in.  :smiley:
Pictures HERE=

I dont have pics of it at the moment, but I have a never used in a game or practice Wilson A2K. Its from 2 years ago, I got it out In Aberdeen, Maryland when I was there for the Ripken Baseball Academy. I got a Rawlings Pro Preferred, so I have no use for this now. Its about half broken in, and is 11.75 model with the Modified trapeze web. --Offer or Trade for Ti or Ipod Classic 80+gigs or Touch 32 + gigs

Ipod Classic or Touch
VsNyyc Skywalker, or Battosai
Anything Custom Annoed.
Any YYJ Bi Metal besides SFXs. Especially with Synergy Caps.
Hitman Pro
G5 (Must Have Z Stacks)
General Yo Hatrick
Axiom (Gold only)
Anything interesting
I am Big fan of B grades and fools golds. Those are fine, and dings are acceptable, as long as its not beat to the point of you cant tell what it is.  :stuck_out_tongue: I can Add Cash to almost all offers, if you or I find it to be Lopsided , i have 100 dollars I can add. But please dont say that i need to add to a Beat b grade. Cause I wont. Im smarter then that…

Pm me with offers.  Thanks!

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haha thanks. I wouldnt have noticed.

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Skyline pics up!

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X Convict and Skyline gone! Updated Wantlist!


Pictures of the DV888? Small bearing, large bearing? Trade for cash?

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Forgot to get pics up. :stuck_out_tongue: Its a large bearing, and i believe its got a spec in it. Ill get them up… whithin the next hour. No, not looking to sell if thats what you mean.


How much would u sell the dv888 for?

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Not selling. Bump!

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Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump

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Bump. Keeping the Northstar.

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Bump. My Friend got an account here, so he will put up the Punchline soon for himself. yoyostud is his name. Pm Him with offers for the Punchline. Thanks.


i will give you a blue protostar or a half blue and yellow and half green and black pgm for the the dv888.

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Ive already got a PGM. And i dont really like the look of Blue protostars. Thanks for the offer though.


ill give both

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No thanks man.

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Bump. Considering putting up my PGM v.2 Blue and Yellow. No hubstacks, because they vibe like no other, and dont spin. Dont think you would want them… other then that, its peppermint.

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Hard angry shove.

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Xconvict for anything

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