selling my dv888, bb5150,SKYLINE and some yu-gi-oh and pokemon cards!:D -CHEAP!

my 3 yoyos are up for sale only!
seattle skyline
no vibe or woble, smoooooth as butter, few scuffs, i will give u pics if u r interested - 75$

orange dv888
some small pinpricks, plays smooth liike a dv888 should- 40$

lastly is my madhouse 5150 BB- 60$
slight vibe,played only a couple times,no scuffs, no dings, noticable on grinds wobble (came from yyn like that) cosmetic wise its mint. comes with an awesome pill pacage!

i have over 500 pokemon and yu gi oh cards half rare cards and half common cards
100$ shipped

only stuff i want to trade
want list:

how much for either of the M1s

Frantic for dv888, its aqua and mint, I can get pics if youre interested


how much for p2?

pm me

interested in DV. I have 2 720s a stacked PGM and a no-stacked PGM

interested in the dv888, pm sent