YoYo's FS

1-Pgm w/ rice stacks- normal wear-SOLD
2- dark magic- some dings/ shimmed with 2 red shims-20 shipped
3- white new breed- mint-30 shipped
4-mini motu, no caps. mint/shimmed with 2 red shims–SOLD
5- eneme- mint/ new pads just installed- SOLD
pm me with offers/accepting paypal
not looking for trades unless its paintball related


Lyn Fury for PGM??

Also have an X-con wanting to trade

Oh, you aren’t looking to trade.

i have a unresponsive lyn fury for trade. and i have a dm with a kon kave bearing

please read…they are for sale only unless you have paintball stuff

ok, can you name the prices of them, are they used alot, are they in mint condition?

would you be willing to do the new breed for $25 shipped?

yes pm me

they are all mint except the dm, it has a few dings but plays well, also has a new axle

could you name the prices of all the yoyos pleASE

what do you mean? The prices are posted.

hey can i buy the eneme for 55$

would you be able to sell the yyj eneme for 55$?

would you sell the yyj eneme for 55$?

Use some etiquette.
You don’t need to post that much. He will get back to you.

wow are you kidding me… what the hell was that all about?
you got a pm

how good is the eneme?
it seems like a pretty cool yoyo

I have one. IT’S AMAZING

I love it but I have too many that I dont use. So I’m thinning out my collection.

What is the black thing on the cap of the DM?

its the center of the darkmagic sign. I guess it looks funny the way the pic came out.