quick sale!!!!!!!!

Check this out-Beadblasted FHZ with added thumbgrind rings ($10 value). i’m lookin for a high offer on this one considering it plays like a beast and +10x better than my other 4 FHZ’s. Once again, this thing is amazing, i don’t think i can get much clear-er. I’m willing to entertain money/yoyo offers, (Tell you the truth, this yoyo is the reason i sold my 888 :D) once again. This thing flabergasts me everytime i pic it up. Shoot an offer I mean look at this it’s so…so…crying…amazing. NOW COMES WITH WHITE SPOTS FROM 5a (not pictured) ONLY 4-6. STILL AWESOME http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5177/5572218692_4f37c650ca.jpg
P3290551 by jonahtroy, on Flickr

[color=red]Yomega HotShot-in the metal part there are chips in the paint, rubber rings are black, some scratches, plastic is foggy. Great for learning how to do binds- 14$ shipped


Yomega Fireball-black-some scratches-1$ plus shipping

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5173/5566220616_568e56490b.jpgP3270534 by jonahtroy, on Flickr

I’m not quite sure what the name of this yoyo is but on the rim it says Shuangxing Toys splitting yoyo. It’s metal and it’s an undersized offstring yoyo. Small scratches on the metal, no dings on the plastic; just discoloration. I’m not quite sure what it’s worth but probably in the 20-35$ range new. I’m going to ask 18-32$


pics are to be added later tonite/tommorow
[color=blue]EDIT: PICS ADDED. check below post

for: PGM (must come with stacks), kickside, Lyn Fury, Journey, and Die Nasty.If you hav another throw to offer let me know.

FH2; most likely traded to oldyoyograndma
Dingo;traded to vpxtreme
Pocket change;traded to hotrodyoyoer

Dingo pending, if you really want it know’s the time to offer up. Badumpers

Dingo gone! all others are still up for grabs. BUUUUUUUUUUUUMP!!!

can u do $10 for pocket change
please pm me if interested

Atmosphere gone. BUMP!!!

both for a PGM or poly string ??? ?

new stuff added 4/8/11

how much for the fh2 5$

FH2 pending, most likely gone

If the FH2 is still hereI have a Yuuksta with like only one small scratch that you cannot feel, but if you throw it hard, and it is lopsided, it snags. That only happens when you try to grind, but play is great, if you aren’t a big grinder. It might only need new pads or cleaned bearing.