YYJ ,Duncan sale L@@K new want added!!

Alright these yoyos are great and have served me well but now i want to let them go to a new owner because i do not throw them any more :-
pics will be here monday
please if you make an offer use paypal other than that mix and match combos for trades to your hearts desire :wink:

I will trade everything cept the speeder(pending) for a sili recessed fhz with the bearing with the s engraved on it and large spacers depending on its condition

pogs are kinda hashed
formerly owned by yoyoxking has quite a few cracks and but they will not grow .trust me. and do not affect play

lyn fury
shaved oring and satined
one pog (LF)
great 5a

needs a new bearing or just needs cleaned
packing tape over pogs to protect ink

throw monkey
only thing different about this one is it has a sili sticker instead of just frictions
great 5a begginer
good offstring too
formerly owned by TTThomas

i have put ortho wax where the friction stickers were it lasts long long time

sili recessed fhz
black knight
x convict

please be realistic about money offers
thanks for looking

Well if you have money, I might have a white Legacy that has very few marks that I would be willing to sell. Sorry, no trade though.

Do you want the legacy?

oh sorry man i forgot to reply how much would you want for it ?
ps i think that the speeder still plays perfect and the cracks will not get bigger for anything

It’s ok. As far as I can tell it has no marks so if it does they’re very minor. Would you do $20 shipped? Oh and actually I would trade it for a 10 ball bearing if you have one.

sorry but thanks bro i think that i found a guy thatll trade one for my speeder thanks for the offer though :slight_smile:

what do u want 4 the legacy

I’d trade my Black Knight for all of them :P… And the case :slight_smile:

i would love that offer but i cant sell the case :-\sorry