Black Knight for trade or sale!

Hey I have been wanting to get my hands on some new yo-yos so I decided to trade some of mine. Here goes.

red DIE-NASTYgone traded for aquarius

red YYF Velocity - Mint condition come with KKgone traded for a gm2

red YYJ Black Knight - Mint comes with Duncan guy head CW

black YYJ Mini Motrixx - Kind of beat up but plays fine come with KKgone traded for a dm

black/orange One Drop Dingo - One medium scuff that messes up the grinding but it never was good at grinding anyways so yeah…Gone traded for DV888

Wants: OFFERS!


Not sure about this but would you trade your dingo for a modded Lyn, Legacy, and a FHZ?

Possibly can you be more specific about the modding and responses and all that? Thanks! Btw pics will be up soon.


Legacy - Green. One side has its original sili in it and the other has flowable sili in it. Mint Mint condition.
Lyn Fury - Blue and Black. Scratches and marks around the rims. Flowable sili on both sides. One red shim and one gray shim. Center trac.
FHZ - Black with FHZ and worlds 2009 caps. Dif pads. One pad is broken up into three section (was experimenting). Has some white marks on rim.

I guess it’s a trade then! PM me the details.

Ok but I have to convince my dad which wont be easy. I will tell if I can.

Sorry to disappoint you but I just found a great deal and am trading the Dingo for a DV888. So sorry!

Its all good, I couldn’t do it anyway. ;D

Did you get my pm?

YUP I did and I think the trade is on.