Mint Campfire ft/fs--Closed


Traded to MikeyRocks for a Pyro.

(MikeMonty) #2

Just realized that is the yo-yo in your picture. Wish I had a dingo to trade you :wink:

(stephen_cameron) #3,12817.0.html

Hes looking for a campfire


ive been trying to sell this



ill trade a g5 for it




How much for it?


my dingo???


Bumpedy bump.
I’m really looking for a colorful Dingo. Or something thats a good mixture of colors, like a combination of orange/blue/green.


no the M1


Bump again.
Last day to offer before I chose the trade. Better hurry ;D

(Jamesofyoyo) #12

Here is the “i” I PM’ed you about:

It has 2 smallish dings and some scuffs/scratches

Sorry, my good cam is out of commision. So sorry for the blurry pics that didn’t pick up any damage in the pics. :’(


I have a mint 2010 G5 for trade. It’s aqua and comes with a center Trac. PM me if ur interested.

(system) #14