FS/FT Need these gone.

Hey guys weaning my collection down to the yoyos, and styles for that matter, that I play with. Anyways on with the show!

All prices are shipped.

The only yoyo that I am currently looking for is a mint Y-Factor and I am willing to throw in some cash for one.

Dingo $45
Great yoyo, just the size is not quite to my liking. There is one scuff that does not go through the anno. The yoyo accidently scraped against my linoleum floor due to playing with an unshortened string. I’ve tried to picture this scuff (its on the green half). Comes with box

Mint Pair of Sunset Trajectories $15 - each or $20 - pair
Great loopers, except that I’m not very good at looping. I’ve mix-matched the halves.

Mint FHZ $15
Been thrown once.

Mint Velocity $20
Thrown a couple of times, was a gift, but sadly I already moved onto metals. This is the version with the K-pads. There is a minor mark on the rim that was there out of the box. Comes with Box

Mint Aquarius $30
I have another that is my beater until I become good enough to get a fiesta. Never touched this one. Usual mold marks, and this was one of the las ones before they were discontinued, the black scuff that shows up in the picture was there, the box was kinda beat up by the time the mailman gave it to me.

I also have a Plastic Grind Machine that has a few scuffs (from 5a) but it still plays fine. - $25

I’d be willing to let tem all go for $85 or a mint Y-Factor. Plus whoever gets the bundle i will throw in 70-80 YYN Highlights (assorted colors).

Please PM with offers and I’m sure we can work something out. If you have any questions or want more pictures please let me know.

I prefer PayPal

can i trade?

if yes ill trade you my dark magic for the dingo and ill add 10

Sorry dont need a DM only looking for metals, specifically the Y-Factor

arrggg i really want a dingo
its ok

I have a good friend that will be interested in that Aquarius. I’ll get him to register so expect a PM from him this afternoon (if it’s still available).

Would you take any trades for the Sunsets, besides metals?

hey almostfamous said you had an aquarius ill buy it if your still selling?